Wireless Guest Registration

Faculty and staff are allowed to request wireless guest accounts that visitors and university guests may use to access the university wireless network. The sponsor is responsible for the actions of any guest they register.

Sponsored guest accounts are intended for use by individuals or small groups that are personal guests of the sponsor. They are not intended for use by conference or workshop attendees.

Guest accounts will only be authorized to use the wireless network and the account will automatically expire one week after the request date. The guest account will not give the the guest privileges to logon to Truman owned computers, access TruView, Truman email, or any other Truman services. You may request up to five active guest accounts and you may have a guest account active for a month of accumulated time in the last three months. If you have a guest that requires elevated privileges or needs extended access, please contact the ITS Helpdesk.

It may be appropriate in some circumstances to have a individual or group purchase wireless access. In this case you may provide them the current TrumanGuest network password. They will then be automatically prompted to complete the payment process.

Request a Wireless Guest Account