Foundation Scholarships

Guidelines and Helpful Hints:

This scholarship application site is for currently enrolled Truman students to apply for scholarships that will be awarded in subsequent semesters at Truman. Foundation scholarships for incoming freshmen and transfer students are awarded through the Office of Admission:

When you log in, you will see Banner information populating the scholarship application.  This information will be used on all applications.  If there are any corrections needed, please contact the Office of the Registrar.  Scholarship committees will be made aware that "Scholarships and Grants" and "FAFSA (EFC)" will reflect the current year.  If you anticipate that the amounts will change significantly, please explain this in your personal statement. Students are not permitted to receive Foundation scholarships that will cause them to be awarded more than the cost of attendance at Truman State University

At the bottom of the page, please enter additional information for committees to review to determine your eligibility for specific scholarships.  You can revise this part of the page at any time prior to the deadline by logging into the application site and making changes.

After submission, you will be directed to "Step 1:  Review the scholarship lists."  Click on the scholarship listings to learn more about the scholarships available in each area.  The vast majority of scholarships are advertised in February for the following year.  There are a limited number of scholarship applications available in October for the spring semester.  Study abroad scholarships are advertised in December and January and are awarded during the term of the study abroad.

Review the criteria carefully.  Scholarship committees and the Advancement office staff review the applications of potential recipients to ensure that they meet the criteria of the scholarship. You must meet the criteria at the time of awarding to receive the scholarship.  Some scholarships have very defined criteria and the application may not be available to you if you are not qualified.  The scholarship listings appear in a separate window which can remain open as you proceed to Step 2.

Go to "Step 2:  Apply" and click on "scholarships" to choose one from the dropdown menu.  You will be asked to submit a personal statement.  On subsequent applications, you can use previous personal statements, but it is suggested that you tailor your statement for each application. 

Be sure to check the scholarships in the General category--something for everyone!

Here are a few tips to help you prepare the most competitive scholarship application:

  • If the scholarship criteria includes specific qualifications, you must be qualified during the term of the Foundation scholarship.  If the scholarship is for an intercollegiate athlete, you must be an intercollegiate athlete during the term of the Foundation scholarship.

  • Some scholarships have very defined criteria and the application will not be available if you are not qualified.  For example, if you are not coded in the student information system as pre-MAE and you have not yet been accepted into the MAE program, you will not see the Education scholarships.  Check with the Office of the Registrar if you believe you are eligible to be coded as pre-MAE.

  • In some departments, there are more scholarships available for juniors and seniors, so it may be worth checking back every year.  The application process is competitive.

  • You must be a full-time student at Truman during each semester of the term of the Foundation scholarship to receive it in full.  Graduating seniors in their final semester are the only students who can take fewer than 12 hours and receive a scholarship.  Graduate students are considered full-time if they are enrolled in 8 or more hours or are involved in an internship program through Truman.  If you are studying abroad independently (not through Truman), you are not eligible to receive a Foundation scholarship.  Students who are not enrolled at Truman are not eligible to receive Foundation scholarships.

  • Your Personal Statement is the most important part of your application!  When you prepare your Personal Statement, it's very helpful to tell the scholarship selection committee about your career goals, personal goals, reasons for applying for this particular scholarship, and personal financial circumstances that pertain to your financial need. Your statement can be up to 2,500 characters or approximately one page.

The Selection and Award Process
Applications will be directed to the appropriate scholarship selection committees.  Scholarship recipients will be notified by the Office of Advancement and a list of recipients will be listed on the website before the end of the semester.  Those who do not receive scholarships will not be notified due to the tremendous number of applications.

Unless otherwise noted, scholarships advertised in February are awarded half in August and half in January of the following year.  Scholarships advertised in October are awarded in full in the spring semester.  If you will graduate in December, you will receive the fall portion of the advertised Foundation scholarship.  To receive the full amount, you must be enrolled for both the fall and spring semesters.  Study abroad scholarships are applied during the term of the study abroad trip.

All recipients will be required to write a short letter of thanks to their scholarship donor. These generous friends enjoy learning more about you and how the scholarship has helped you. By turning in a copy of your thank you note to the Office of Advancement, you indicate your acceptance of the award. 

Press releases regarding the scholarship recipients will be sent to appropriate media upon selection of recipients. Scholarships shall be awarded in compliance with applicable laws and University policies related to non-discrimination on the basis of sex, race, age, color, national or ethnic origin, marital status, disability, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status.

If you are interested in consideration for additional financial aid, please remember to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by October 1.

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the website and strive to offer new services. If you have ideas or comments about how to make this process more convenient and efficient, please contact Becky Pike at We look forward to your ideas. If you are having technical difficulties, please contact the Help Desk at 785-4544 (open during Pickler Memorial Library hours) and they will assist you.  Thank you!